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And Another One Bites the Dust

You would think people would know by now that it doesn’t pay to fuck with the little short, fat, bald person at the end of the townhouse complex. AC man was here this morning to replace a coil (under warranty) and I could hear the owner lady next door on the phone, furious, threatening to press charges on the obnoxious people #3, who have apparently absconded, leaving damage in their wake.


I only fucked with them a little bit before I got sick, so I am hoping that little bit was that effective. Having the soundproofing up while sick was really nice. I drank cough medicine and watched Moonlighting and Remington Steele DVDs.

I told a friend of mine that nobody is going to out-will me in that kind of situation. I see it as a test, a challenge. I will reconfigure my entire house just so I can ignore you but if that doesn’t work I will fuck with you until you want to leave. These people lasted barely two months and they were the worst. On a completely different level of obnoxious; it was actually to a degree that was concerning, scary. Under normal circumstances you wouldn’t even question whether to call the police or not. It was always call the police level.



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