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Craig Bierko on the Kevin Pollak Chat Show Bad Larry King Impression Has B.R. on the Phone

Larry King Game. Craig Bierko with the Baton Rouge, Louisiana reference at the end of the two hour interview. Second recent Baton Rouge reference. I was watching an episode of Mann & Machine, with Yancy Butler as a robot cop, and Mann, the character, was from Baton Rouge. The actor David Andrews also really from Baton Rouge and went to LSU. Summa cum laude. Stanford Law School. Mann & Machine. This was an ep. with Curtis Armstrong as a food writer and he tells him here what really makes a good cook. Later he cooks something called “Gumbo Baton Rouge” and says it’s real man food.


First reference. This is the only episode I watched that mentioned the Louisiana connection at all and I just put it on at random.

Gumbo Baton Rouge.



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