"Don't Dare Stare At The Illustrated Man."

“There are fearful pictures on his skin, but the most fearful thing is tattooed on his soul.” Radio spot for The Illustrated Man (1969), starring Rod Steiger. At the showing of Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood, it was the moment I laughed the loudest. I was the only person in the theater laughing at this.


A real shit movie, but a fantastic makeup job.

Looks like Jagger on his left man-boob.

If I ever get a tattoo, I’m gonna insist angrily that they’re “skin illoostrashuns” to anyone who asks about them. Maybe also get a dog named Flip. (“He’s my buddy!”) I have to imagine that at least two generations of lazy middle schoolers checked out or streamed this movie for their book reports on the Bradbury collection.

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