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Fear Not Ye Fearfully Afeared: Thunderclap Edition

Some of you may have seen this, maybe not. I’m guessing the number of of people here who’ve been following the Euro 2016 football soccer tournament is pretty low (like population me).

But the story of the tournament was those mad Vikings from Iceland, which became the smallest country to ever have a team make an international tournament, let alone make the quarterfinals.


And they did something else — the Viking Thunderclap. After each game, the captain took the team over to the pockets of fans in the stands, and they performed the thunderclap. What’s interesting and unique about it is it’s the only team celebration — maybe in any sport — where the athletes and the fans become one.*

It’s all very cool, but also just a bit unnerving.

Here’s the thunderclap after Iceland gave England its second Brexit in days.

* But the clap didn’t originate in Iceland. Icelandic players saw Scottish Premier League fans do a similar clap when the Icelandic team Stjarnan played the Scottish team Motherwell in 2014, and they then brought it to Iceland.


Just like Vikings to raid the Scots and repatriate their cultural heritage in the land of the ice and snow — and good on them for doing it. But just watch the Scots do the clap below; after seeing both the Icelanders and the Scots at this, know that all the wildings north of the Hadrian’s Wall should just be left the feck alone.

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