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Finally Got the Cheap New Laptop

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ThinkPad started bleeding what little memory was left. 10-20 GB gone. Troubleshooting did nothing. $359 HP at Wal-Mart, marked down to $315, and two gift cards for $100 off. I had a third gift card I couldn’t find or I would have got the $400 model. All I wanted it for was the big HD screen and hard drive space. 90% of my entertainment I watch/listen to on the computer. Now I can watch one and use the other. I have two thumb drives and I am draining the hard drive on the ThinkPad, so I can get it working better, and putting the Night Court, Barney Miller, and Herculoids on the new HP hard drive. Twice the space the ThinkPad has. I had forgotten some of the old movies I had on the original Toshiba laptop that I’ve been hoarding too.

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