First Magnum on Cozi-TV tonight is a Higgins episode, Tropical Madness. Thomas gets beat up by a sumo wrestler and a little person. Followed by Wave Goodbye, Magnum’s surfer friend is killed.


Fight scene here.


W.K. Stratton, blonde guy, was on Rockford Files last night.

Higgins: Oh, Magnum.

Magnum: Hi, Higgins. You alright?
Higgins: I have a proposition for you. I’m sure that...
Magnum: Now wait a minute. Just wait a second Higgins. I mean this really is getting depressing, this constant deal making - I’ll give you this, if you give me that. It’s so unecessary. I mean, here we are living in paradise. I’m talkin’ paradise, Higgins. We have everything we could ever possibly want out of life, right here. So, why? Why can’t we just do things for one another, simply because we want to? Simply because we are friends. Simply because we feel like helping one another.
Higgins: Magnum...I want you to know I’m quite touched. I never thought you were capable of those admirable sentiments. I really mean that.
Magnum: Thank you.
Higgins: I...came down here this morning to...just as you so aptly describe it - ‘Make a deal’. You see, the Audi’s been under the weather and I need to pick up some paperwork at the club. I was going to ask you to fetch it for me. In return, I was going to give you use of the tennis courts for one week, but now I’m just asking you, as a friend.
Magnum: Two weeks.

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