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Let me start by lowering expectations a bit — this is not going to be a “hidden gems” list, but more of a watchable-to-good list, because that’s mostly what I got to work with at this point. In fact, some of these are on the level of “was good while I was sick in bed” stuff. But mostly I’m sticking to what I’ve seen in the last two months or so.


Amazon Prime stuff:

  • Hagazussa - Horror movie that, stylistically, came across to me as something between Lars von Trier and Panos Cosmatos.
  • Strange Events - I don’t honestly remember much about this, except that it’s not a Stranger Things ripoff and I gave it a 4-star rating.
  • Strange Events 2 - Same as above.
  • Terror Tales - I really got into horror anthologies on Amazon Prime over a few days. Another 4 stars on this and they all started to blend together, so I don’t have specifics to offer.
  • Enter Nowhere - Stars Scott Eastwood; has the alien geometry thing I like.
  • Eat Locals - I gave it 4 stars, but that was probably a bit generous. If you want a decent vampire movie, check it out.
  • *Hell House LLC - I don’t often have anything positive to say about the found footage category, but this one? Nicely done.

Netflix stuff:

  • In the Tall Grass - yes, I mostly liked it. By mostly, it was watchable and it’s doubtful I’ll want to do a rewatch.
  • Eli - Also watchable.
  • *Two Sentence Horror Stories - Impressive horror series where diversity is done right.

Hulu stuff:

  • *Into the Dark - One thing that’s different about this series is that each story is pretty much a feature length movie, rather than a shorter TV episode. I like some better than others, but they’re all worth checking out.

Some honorable mentions for movies I liked, but not necessarily horror:

  • Bad Samaritan - cool thriller. Netflix disc.
  • Arctic - cool survival thriller. Netflix disc.
  • Prospect - cool indie/scifi/western. Netflix disc.
  • Time Trap - cool adventure/scifi fun. Felt like a movie you’d come across on a Saturday afternoon around 1989-1990, think it was cool, then 10 years later desperately try to remember what it was called and who was in it. Netflix streaming.

Utter fucking fails (you won’t be surprised):

  • The Jacob’s Ladder remake.
  • The Pet Sematary remake.

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