"Hypnogroove" - A Spaced99Telepod Production (2019)

When I first came to the shores of this country I had only two possessions: a bootlegged copy of Fl Studio 8 Producer Edition and a Casio WK-200 workstation. My humble dream was to create groovy retro-futuristic lounge music that Ellen Ripley might relax to with a bottle of Weyland-Yutani white zinfadel in her tiny underwear - a much needed respite after a long day of kicking Xenomorph ass - as she was preparing herself and Jonesy for hypersleep.


But spaced99 had other ideas. He heard something grander. And while I sat idly by and ate Totino’s Pizza Rolls and masturbated to back issues of Rachel Ray Every Day, he was toiling away at this track, adding dynamic drums from this guy, funky Floydish David Gilmour rhythms, low growling synths, and a laser-light guitar solo that will melt your face.

An approximation of my Rachel Ray erotic fantasy

Unbeknownst to me, spaced99 has spent the last 40 years polishing this transient piece of music I created, embiggening it, making it something worthwhile, and so anything you might like about it is totally on him. As are these other pieces, humbly submitted, in the great below.

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