Looks like Horn fave Chuck McCann on the right. Nedra Volz as the customer, who discovers her bloodlust and love of lightly-fried chicken sandwiches.

Variant. Take it from me, that hot ham’n’cheese was fuckin’ tasty.

“They were all running around, yelling ‘Ayatollah, Ayatollah.’”

“By the time you finish this sandwich, he’ll be gone.” Never did see that clown type in Texas. Frankly sinister, with a distinct Poltergeist vibe.

Special bonus: Rockford asks the clown for help with a pursuer, also buys a taco and some fries. “The Girl in the Bay City Boys Club” (1975).

Jack in the Box tacos are phenomenally great, even though they look and taste like they’ve been made by aliens, based on limited photographic evidence.

Jack was revived in 1994 as a slick yuppie shitheel. They should blow up his smug clown ass again. Fast food mascots need more class warfare. 

Speaking of class. Dinner in the Box was a pretty short-lived part of the post-clown Jack in the Box. The spokesman is Dan Gilvazan, who voiced Spidey/Peter Parker on Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends, which aired on NBC Saturday mornings throughout the ‘80s. My dad got the sirloin steak once. I ate the leftover half for breakfast. Not bad.