Screenshots as a form of digital archaeology

Late March 2013. “Kinja in Testing”:

Late April 2013. “Kinja is Fully Live”:

Early December 2013. “Peak Kinja”:


Early December 2015. “Stopped having a Hungarian news blog”:

Mid September 2016. “Stopped having a Gawker”:


Mid February 2017. “Spring cleaning”:

Mid April 2017. “Added Fusion”:


Late July 2017. “Fusion changed its name, but is not in alphabetical order”:

Late August 2017. “The A.V. Club added, Splinter placed into alphabetical order”:


Late September 2017. “Earther added, but is not in alphabetical order”:


Mid October 2017. “The Onion added, some sites still not in alphabetical order”:

Mid November 2017. “The Takeout added, some sites still not in alphabetical order”:


Next update: maybe they’ll add a link for the Special Projects Desk.

Previous edit: This was first uploaded on 19th February 2017

17th April 2017 edit: That Fusion link appeared in the early evening on April 14th. It only took ~2 weeks for the Kinja frontpage to add Fusion after Fusion was transformed into a Kinja-compliant website.


25 July 2017 edit: Fusion’s name change to Splinter happened yesterday. The Kinja frontpage was changed by the time the name change occurred. It will be seen if the Kinja frontpage is moved around to place properties into alphabetical order.

17 September 2017 edit: Uploaded a better image for the late July 2017 change and added an image for the late August 2017 change. The Kinja engineers decided to wait until the late August 2017 update to place Splinter into alphabetical order.

27 September 2017 edit: Gizmodo Media Group launched Earther today as a sort-of-upgrade for the was-kind-of-hidden Fusion Media property Project Earth.


18 October 2017 edit: Literally today Gizmodo Media Group has completely merged The Onion into the Kinja software. ClickHole remains as the last property of The Onion that is, so far, non-Kinja.

15 November 2017 edit: Today a new property from The A.V. Club and The Onion, The Takeout, was given its premiere. When the Kinja designers added a button to the Kinja frontpage for The Takeout, they also put The Onion and The Root into alphabetical order. Earther and Deadspin continue to be out of order.