New American Gods with 70's cover

Neil Gaiman, long time fan, approached Robert McGinnis to design retro covers for some of his novels. They had planned to announce and publish these new covers in a few months, but with all the attention for the Starz series American Gods paperbacks sold out and were reprinted with the new cover.

And that’s because the upcoming 2017 Starz American Gods TV series has created a huge demand for copies of American Gods. People who have never read it have started buying it to find out what the fuss is about. People who read it long ago and gave away their copy bought new ones to reread it.

The publishers ran out of books to sell.

So they’ve rushed back to press with the new paperback edition, which wasn’t meant to be coming out for some months (and the text is the text of the Author’s Preferred edition in case you were wondering).


And I wanted you to hear it from me first. You aren’t going to see the rest of the Robert E McGinnis covers for a little while (and each of them looks like a different kind of book from a different era). But this is the first of them.

In my head, and Todd’s, it’s probably from about 1971...

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