The interior sequence, anyway. I have no idea where they shot the exteriors. That could be any semi-abandoned mall in the American suburbs of the ‘80s. NorthPark’s mid-’60s era architecture remains virtually unchanged today, though it’s expanded dramatically since the end of the ‘90s. The Gap is still there; I picked up some boxers on sale there last summer after catching an IMAX screening of 2001. And as a matter of fact, I bought the True Stories Criterion Blu-Ray at the B&N south of the mall, on the other side of Northwest Highway. The engines of commerce drive — and park — onwards.

The cut at the end is a bit of a cheat; Lord & Taylor was on the other side of the mall, across from The Magic Pan, which closed in 1991. There appear to be some locations in the midwest; I wonder if they still have those baked cheese fritters. Across the street was General Cinema’s NorthPark I & II, one of the first theaters in North America to feature a THX sound system. It closed in 1998 and was eventually razed to make room for a Nordstrom’s, replaced by the less-imposing AMC Northpark 15. (The aforementioned IMAX theater is very nice, though; I also saw Pacific Rim and Interstellar there.)

Special Bottle Rocket bonus: The Lawn Wranglers rob the Taylor’s Books on the north side of the mall. This was probably filmed sometime in 1995, since the chain had closed by the time the movie came out in ‘96, and the last time I set foot in there was New Year’s Eve ‘95. I still have the last book I bought there: Zod Wallop, by William Browning Spencer.