From Equinox (1970; dir. Jack Woods and Dennis Muren, expanded from a 1967 short). Guest-starring the creator of Fahfrd and the Gray Mouser as the ill-fated Dr. Waterman. Effects by stop-motion legends Dave Allen and Jim Danforth. Muren later worked for ILM, which he eventually ran. Frank Bonner, aka WKRP’s Herb Tarlek, plays one of the hapless college students who stumble across Waterman’s forbidden researches into the occult. Forry Ackerman (of Famous Monsters of Filmland fame) provides the voice of Dr. Johansson. Produced by Jack Harris, the legendary B-movie producer of The Blob, Beware! The Blob, Dinosaurus! (on tonight’s Svengoolie) and Dark Star. Generally regarded as the key inspiration for Sam Raimi’s original Evil Dead (1981).

Director Jack Woods also plays Park Ranger Asmodeus.

Number 338 in the Criterion Collection. Available on Filmstruck and uh, above.