Tonight, I invite you to step away from the safety of the well-lit thoroughfare and into a little haunt we call The Golden Horn for an unofficial, somewhat indulgent performance from the spaced99telepod collaborative effort.

At just over 19 minutes, this sonic journey won’t be for most. Consider it a soundtrack for those prone to meditate on the macabre; those whose heads are in the clouds, but hearts beat expectantly for a tocsin from the remote reaches of the cosmos.


Or, consider it for what it is: an aural corruption of a relatively upbeat, groovy idea from 99Telepodproblems (you could define the aforementioned “unofficial” to mean I did this grim transmutation largely without his input). I have also utilized this track as a testbed for a few new pieces of gear I acquired over the past year, so I have cut loose in long-form here.

Regular programming, and indeed, tracks of a more lively nature (the next one should be, dare I say, danceable), will resume soon. But for now:

“Dirge for a Doomed Pilot”


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