Just finished Reed Tucker’s Slugfest, about the long-running rivalry between Marvel and DC. It’s not the best book of its kind I’ve read — Sean Howe’s Marvel Comics: The Untold Story and Gerard Jones’s Men of Tomorrow are much more thorough comics histories — but it’s a lot of fun, and a quick, breezy read. There are also a lot of hilarious anecdotes, including this one about Marvel house artist Marie Severin from the ‘70s:

Severin really believed in the superiority of Marvel’s covers — not just for their ability to sell product but from a philosophical stadpoint as well. Pinned to her office wall was a blow-up of the cover from Flash #198 (1970). The soppy image showed the hero on his knees, hands clasped in prayer, gazing heavenward with a tear streaming down his face, pleading, “Please make it come true, God.” When asked why she decorated her wall with that image, Severin replied, “Because they’re a bunch of spoongroins over at DC.”