Whip Talk host Zachary has a run-in with some neighborhood teenagers.

“You listen to me. You face me like a man, not like a rat. Do you hear me? If you have the guts, you hoodlums, we can meet in a neutral place. Me and my whip, versus the four of you, and whichever weapons you choose to brandish. The score will be even. But I guarantee you: if you come and face me like a man, not like a rat, you will only bear the marks of the whip, as far as it brings you to your knees.

“Whip Talk is usually a fun show. If this was a department store, Whip Talk would be in the toy aisle. It’s a diversion. Or it’d be in the whip aisle. I don’t believe department stores generally sell whips. So this is my challenge to you, you punks. If I catch you, you will PAY THE PRICE.”

Show here. The sketch starts at around an hour and thirty-six minutes.