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Widescreen Blankets

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The Wu Empire expands to three bedrooms, 2 ba. Upstairs TV/Blu-ray room was next. Went back to the thrift store where I got all the blankets and got five more throw size fleece. Didn’t matter if they had monkeys, or robots, or Barney on them this time b/c they were going to layer the pallet bed cushion. All of the blankets, comforters, quilts that used to be there are now on the walls as soundproofing.


Amazon blanket link doesn’t work on Kinja.


Also got a couple of non-fiction trade paperbacks for under $2. Most of downstairs and upstairs now cleaned and shipshape and operational. Got some food. The silence almost seemed weird last night. So this evening I may have to watch McCabe & Mrs. Miller or something else HD and widescreen and surround sound. I did turn everything on and verify all the speakers were working. I have a nice woofer that I had to buy separate all the way back in 2001 when I got the Sony system. Only bad thing is there is no digital input because it is so old so no true five channel sound. It’s okay otherwise for my purposes.

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