Song: “King Midas in Reverse” (1967), by the Hollies. Movie: The Limey (1999), directed by Steven Soderbergh, written by Lem Dobbs. As Soderbergh puts it in the DVD commentary he shares contentiously with Dobbs (which, seriously, is maybe one of the top five DVD commentaries ever), the scene was cut to the song as a kind of in-movie trailer for the character of Terry Valentine, played by Peter Fonda, with shots from later in the movie. The American Express ad is real.

It’s so weird with Fonda’s death coming right around the same time as Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide. Nowadays Valentine comes off as a total indictment of Boomer privilege, especially in the scenes with Adhara (Amelia Heinle), who is young enough to be his daughter, and whom he treats almost as a personal creation. He wraps himself in the imagery of peace and love, but he’s a scumbag. Strip away the nostalgia for the ‘60s and there’s nothing left except pure ego, unmitigated and vampiric.


A YouTube commenter says that Ann-Margaret was cast as Valentine’s ex-wife but that’s the first I’ve ever heard of it.

Never released on Blu-Ray in North America. Deserves a Criterion reissue for sure.

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